Marks are a way to format text blocks, such as bold, italic. You can add multiple marks to a single block.


app.p(app.bold("This is a bolded text"))


app.p(app.italic("This is an italicised text"))


app.p(app.strike("This is a striked text"))


app.p(app.underline("This is an underlined text"))


app.p(app.inline_code("import numpy as np"))

Combining marks

You can combine marks freely and they'll be applied accordingly.

app.p(app.underline(["This is", app.bold("bold"), "and underlined text"]))


A mark must be used with a text block

Such as paragraph, h1, etc. Otherwise it will not be added to the app.

app.italic("This is an italicised text")

This will not add the text to the app.