Copying and cloning dataset

Copy a dataset from another project

With Relevance you can send and recieve dataset from other users. This allows you to freely collaborate and share datasets between accounts.

  • dest_project and dest_api_key refer to your destination project and api_key or where the copied version of dataset is going to be saved.
from relevanceai import Client

client = Client(token=YOUR_ACTIVATION_TOKEN)

## Source project details you are copying from
src_dataset_id = "quickstart"

## Source project details you are copying to
dest_project = "new_quickstart"


Clone a dataset

Cloning a dataset will create an exact copy of an existing dataset. Good for backing up data before transformations.

copied_dataset_id = COPIED_DATASET_ID
client.clone_dataset(src_dataset_id, copied_dataset_id)

Note: For enterpise we do hourly snapshots to help restore data as well.