Apply a function

Apply a function along a dataset's fields

Applying functions to fields


Transform your data

The easiest way to transform an existing dataset is to run ds.apply. This function fetches all the data-points in a dataset, runs the specified function and writes the result back to the dataset.

For instance, in the sample code below, we count the number of characters in a text field.

from relevanceai import Client

client = Client(token=YOUR_ACTIVATION_TOKEN)

ds["text"].apply(lambda x: len(x), output_field="text_character_count")

You can also run functions that run on batches or multiple fields with bulk_apply. Especially useful for code that runs faster on batches.

def bulk_character_count(docs):
  # sample code showing a sample bulk apply function
  for d in docs:
    d['text_character_count'] = len(d['text'])
  return docs

ds.bulk_apply(bulk_character_count, select_fields=["text"])