Applications of vectors

A discussion on the applications of vectors

Assumed Knowledge: Vectors
Target Audience: General audience
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vector fields are not only comprised of words, but we can also use recipes, images, audio files, user choices... the application of these systems are countless and only limited by our imagination (and, sadly, our computing power). Below, there are a few examples:

Common use cases depending on the model type:

  • Natural language processing: question-answering, finding similar words, text search (think of Google Search), product search
  • Image: Product recommendations, outfit matching, facial identification
  • Audio: Voice capture and generation
  • Video: Video search, Frame by Frame search
  • Image-Text: Search images using text, searching text using images, create memes

Common use cases in different industries:

  • Education: Course matching, candidate-matching, Course FAQ, Course Question-Answering, Coach matching
  • Fraud: Fraud determination through vectors
    The list of applications goes on and on